Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Newsletter 2014

  Hello friends!

Gifts of Grace
Black, Red & White Africa Necklace
The past year has been amazing. We have been able to see God work through Gifts of Grace in so many ways. We have been able to meet many new people, and I have been able to learn so many things about running a business. Who knew how much actually goes into running one! Last spring, we had a booth at the Craftastic Day Craft Fair. We were also able to meet Nik and Stacy for the first time in April (sorry that there is no picture, the one that we took did not turn out)!

Gifts of Grace
Maranatha Craft Fair November 2013
This past fall we had a booth at the Maranatha craft fair, and it was a huge success. While we were there, we were invited to participate in the Handmade Holidays craft fair in Schofield, Wisconsin. We accepted, of course, and redid our booth design using the dividers that my grandpa made (pictured below).

Gifts of Grace
Handmade Holidays Craft Fair 2013
Thank you to all the people who stopped by at either of the booths, it was a pleasure to get to know you!

As some of you know, we only planned on supporting Nik and Stacy for the first year of our shop's existence, and we planned to help a different adopting family each year. Well, we have decided to keep supporting Nik and Stacy's adoption! Eventually there will be a time when they will have completed the adoption and no longer are in need of funds, but we are going to continue to help them until then.

Changes in Our Shop 

Gifts of Grace
Blue & Silver Africa Necklace

As we were reviewing our shop towards the end of 2013, we decided to make some minor changes. Here is a quick review of all the changes that are taking place:
  • We're in the process of adding new items. We have lots of items to list: Africa necklaces, flower headbands, aromatherapy bracelets, washcloths, hats, crocheted headbands, and more!  Watch the shop to see as we list new items:
  • We also lowered our prices by 10%*! This change doesn't affect shipping prices at all (US shipping is still free). Awesome!
Thank you so much for helping us to raise money for Nik and Stacy!

Have a wonderful year,


*The prices were rounded to the nearest $0.50.

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