Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Dear Friends and Followers,

I want to start by saying thank you. Thank you for the years of supporting my mom and I as we opened Gifts of Grace and by all the purchases made. Thank you for praying for us and Nik and Stacy. Thank you for everything that you did. You have no idea how much of a blessing it was to us and Nik and Stacy.

As many of you know, my family and I recently moved from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania. I had planned on reopening the shop once we got settled and I had time to research tax laws, but after finding out that Nik and Stacy had decided to no longer adopt, those plans were put on hold as we prayed about who/what organization to support next.

As I began to look at the list of things that needed to be done to legally reopen the shop, I also began to look at my plans for the next year to see where Gifts of Grace fit. As I began to think and pray about it, I couldn't see how I could run a business and attend college at the same time. I wasn't able to see a way that I could successfully balance both. After lots of prayer, we have made the hard decision not to reopen Gifts of Grace.

One of my favorite things about running Gifts of Grace was all of the people that we got to meet whom we wouldn't have met otherwise. Getting to hear their stories was such a neat experience. My favorite thing about running Gifts of Grace though was watching how God worked. He took a simple idea and turned it into a successful business that raised well over $1000. Thank you again for your support. It's been an amazing three years!


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