Saturday, October 6, 2012



Such a small number. Seems insignificant, but when it is leading a bunch of zeros it suddenly becomes rather important.

1,000,000,000. Yup, that number makes a statement.

Thomas Edison, John Calvin, Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein, Paul the Apostle, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Moses…all 1’s.

Until they stood for something.

This past year, God has been challenging me to use my 1 for something important, to stop believing the lie that my 1 is small, incapable of making a difference. 

And He has also challenged me to value all other 1’s, no matter how insignificant they may seem to my too-busy life.

1’s like orphans.  Those hungry, hopeless children that are standing alone in places like Ethiopia, China, India, and in nearly every other country of our enormous world. 

But what can my 1, your 1, do for some 1 halfway across the world?

We can stand for something. We can lead a bunch of zeros. We can make a difference.

Gifts of Grace is about using my 1 to make a difference.
One dollar, one gift, one smile, one meal, one heart, one orphan at a time. 

And your 1 can make a difference, too. Want to know how? 

This year, 100% of our profits will go to help bring 1 orphan home from Ethiopia. Your purchases, your prayers, your donations can help bring that child home sooner

Your 1 can make a difference, too. 

To see how, click above on Ways You Can Help for more information.
Or go to  to meet Nik and Stacy, the adoptive parents-to-be. 

Will you use your 1 to make a difference? 

All pictures (except for the pic of Nik and Stacy) are courtesy of photobucket. 

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