Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Does This Mean to You?

 The other day, I was reading a blog post about a drunk driver that had taken the life of a young mother and put her three children in the hospital.  A friend of the family was the author of the post, and was understandably distraught.

While reading, it occurred to me that as soon as I heard the words "drunk driver", I immediately had an opinion form in my mind (not a good one, either).

So, the way my mind works, I was soon thinking about other words and what connotations they bring to my mind...words like Christian, politician, lawyer...and then...ORPHAN.
For so many years, that word has meant very little to me (to my shame). Orphans were just some far away, unreachable group that really didn't impact my life and that I was powerless to help (excuses, excuses...).

Then along came my daughter, Emilie. No one can give birth without it impacting your life, right? Well, Emilie has a burden for orphans. And Emilie's burden for orphans has grown as she has grown.

 Note to self: No mother can ignore her child's burden.

With my change in burden came a change in what orphan means to me. No longer is it detached, far away, remotely sad...no more thoughts of a distant child that needs someone to help him...no, now orphan brings a far more personal reaction, the thought of a specific child, of specific needs, of excitement at God's goodness in allowing me to help. It tugs at my mother-heart, which longs to hug and help each and every one of the millions of orphans world-wide.

I wonder, what does the word orphan mean to you?

 "If it matters to you, then you’ll find a way.
If it doesn’t, you’ll find an excuse."


No more excuses. We are finding a way, and it's about time, don't you think?

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